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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

Enhance your gameplay by tracking your character's statistics, while also receiving fun and engaging achievements to see how far you've come with your character!

This resource is perfect fit for any kind of server, as it provides wide variety of statistics to track your character's progress while receiving achievements in a fun and engaging way.

📈 Statistics

This resource tracks over 60 statistics for both players and servers, covering everything from distance driven and time spent in-game to money earned and more. Explore various categories such as distance, finance, speed, favorites, and combat to see all the details!

🏆 Achievements

Unlock achievements for your hard-earned stats! With 70 achievements available by default, players can earn them by reaching specific milestones. Enjoy the excitement of collecting achievements and look back to see how far your character has come!

🔧 Integrations

This resource integrates with other scripts to provide additional statistics and achievements. Enjoy a wide range of features integrated (or coming soon) to our scripts from casino, gangs, tattoos, basket, prison, and more! You can also easily integrate your own statistics and achievements using our rich API.

👩‍💻 Server statistics

As an admin, you can view server stats to see data like the total money earned by all players. This feature allows you to track the overall progress of your server and see how players are doing.

⚙ Control Panel

With an easy-to-use control panel, you can control every stat and disable measurements of stats you do not want measured. Enjoy the flexibility to customize your gameplay to suit your preferences!

As an admin, you can also view statistics of other players.

🎨 Themes

Choose from four color themes or create your own to personalize your experience.


  • More than 📈 60 statistics calculated for both player and server
  • Unlock 🏆 achievements for your hard-earned stats!
    • 70 achievements by default
  • 🔧 Integrations with other scripts
    • Enjoy a lot more statistics and achievements from other scripts!
    • Easily integrate your own statistics and achievements with our rich API
  • Available in 4 color themes with ability to create new ones
  • As an admin, you can view Server Stats to see data like "Total money earned by all players"!
  • You can also control every stat in an easy-to-use control panel!
    • If you do not want to measure some statistics due to RP reasons, you can simply disable it in the in-game UI!

Available Commands

/stats - open UI

📙 Documentation available here.


  • Onesync
  • database + oxmysql or mysql-async script
  • ESX/QBCore if you want to measure money earned/spent, or you have to customize it for your framework

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