Ultimate christmas - Build trees, snowman, hunt and share gifts and more!

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Resource Description

Explore the holiday spirit with our Xmas resource. Resource is available for ESX & QBCore frameworks and is compatible with ox_inventory, qs-inventory, qb-inventory and mf-inventory

Weather Control ☃

  • Enable snowy ground and snowfall.
  • Adjust snowfall intensity to create the perfect winter atmosphere.
  • Customize water texture to resemble icy shards.
  • Make vehicles and players to force view paths / footsteps

Snowball Gathering ⛄ 

  • Collect snowballs that grant unique items or weapon.
  • Adjustable snowballs amount.

Snowman Building 🧤👀 

  • Use command /snowman
  • Construct snowmen piece by piece, from body to accessories.
  • Snowmen can be destructible by fire, adding dynamic interactions to your world.

Present Hunt  🎁 

  • 200 presents across the map.
  • Randomize rewards, including items and money.
  • Collected gifts persist through server restarts per player.

Gift Wrapping 🎀 

  • Package items into gift boxes using /packgift <message>.
  • Set a date for gifts to be unwrapped for true xmas surprises.

Christmas Tree Setup  🎄✨

  • Place trees using tree items.
  • Limit the number of trees per player.
  • Trees are persistent through server restarts.
  • Optionally restrict tree building to interiors.
  • Decorate trees with customizable animation, progress bar, and items requirements.
  • Decorated trees can serve as storage for wrapped gifts.
  • Destruction of a tree is limited to its owner.

Immerse your players in the holiday spirit, creating memorable experiences with our Xmas resource!

A big thank you to BzZz for providing excellent assets for our new script! You can check out their other amazing products here

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