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Introducing a brand new standalone dancing minigame. Choose your favorite song and dive into three dynamic game modes, including the Rhythm Mastery to master your solo moves, the competitive Beat Battle to compete against others, gain score and combos, showcasing who truly rules the dance floor, and the relaxed vibes of Freestyle Fiesta—perfect for when you just want to vibe and enjoy the party. 

Accompanied by a multicoloured custom dance mat, a fun engaging user interface, and multi-language support, this highly configurable minigame ensures endless fun for your players! 💃

👉 use `/dance` to start the minigame


  • Standalone - works in any server, with any framework
  • Three game modesto show off your dance moves
    • 🎵 Rhythm Mastery
      • Solo dance to a song you choose. Match your moves with the arrow keys (or WASD) to gain score based on your precision, get the highest combo and show what you got!
      • Change dance styles freely
      • Dance moves and speed change depending on how well you play
    • 👯‍♂️ Beat Battle
      • Same as rhythm mastery, but in multiplayer! Battle your friends or foes, get the highest score and see who’s the best!
    • 🕺 Freestyle Fiesta
      • Just chill out, no own music, useful in nightclubs where music is already played by DJ etc.
      • Change dance moves, styles and speed as you want
      • Arrow keys optional, if turned on, your speed and moves will still be controlled by how well you play
  • Choose your own song
    • Direct music links supported* for Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia, Twitch, DailyMotion, Vidyard, Discord link to file
  • Large selection of dance moves - 270 different moves available, you can change dance moves, styles and also speed
  • Multicolored dancing mat - custom dance mat you can use while dancing, choose from 7 colors
  • Modern and Fun UI
  • Highly configurable - configure any multipliers, texts, limits...
  • Translated to EN, ES, DE, IT, TR
  • No dependencies - works as is, no other script or database needed

*some songs may not play (copyrighted, country restricted, restricted for certain users…)

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