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Resource Description

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It works perfectly with ESX, QBCore, or Standalone.

Included map: rcore_prison_map
Supported maps: GABZ Prison, Unclejust Prison, Desertos Prison, YBN Prison, Molo's Alcatraz Prison, Prompt's Prison

A new all-in-one prison system that supports all the existing maps and includes community works with over 400 places across Los Santos, supporting all inventories and phones.

A successful gangster's life revolves around danger and money, whereas a not-so-successful gangster's life revolves around rotting in prison. For the time being, serving your time in prison has been a tedious ordeal. Not for long. RCore is introducing a new script that makes life in prison more enjoyable. Even successful gangsters will want to give it a try to take part in this new and interesting opportunity.

 As an inmate, you can do a variety of jobs to make your time in jail tolerable. Become a janitor or an electrician. Work hard to reduce your time in jail.


Play a minigame and deal cigarettes to players or npcs all over the prison to run a shadow economy.


Gather money, which is very important to survive in a place like prison.


Use the money to communicate with the outside world by using phone booths. These will be your only connections with the outside world. Without money, there are no calls or food, so manage it properly!


And how can you possibly miss the gym? Hurry up! Minigames are waiting there.


The police can order community service instead of jail for those whose sentences were not severe enough. Work long shifts as a community worker in a variety of places. More than 400 places are up for cleaning, so hurry up! Oh, and by doing these community works, you can lower the amount of time as well!


Police can use the dashboard or commands to decide if you are going to prison or doing community work.



  • A police job can use the dashboard or commands (announce when a player has done community work, use logs to check who’s doing community work or who’s in jail)

  • Compatible with a wide range of maps and intermediate presets (GABZ Prison, Unclejust Prison, Desertos Prison, YBN Prison, Molo's Alcatraz Prison, Prompt's Prison, Rcore_Map, Standalone).

  • An inmate can create his or her own account to conduct transactions within the prison (a player can receive items from outside the prison as well as money to his or her prison's account).

  • When the player enters the prison, he or she can select a preferred outfit (this feature can be disabled in the settings).

  • Players are not losing any items by getting imprisoned (all items are stored and can be picked up when the jail time ends)

  • The script is easily modifiable (clear or stop zones of active community work, set up the animation length and color of entities; add new zones to clean or remove them, have up to 480 locations of community work across the whole map)

  • Fully functional economy inside the prison (skill-based cigarette crafting, face-to-face trading inside the prison, cooperating with NPCS)

  • Canteen inside the prison (modify the price of food)

  • Phone Booths use funds from the prison's bank account (compatibility with QB-phone, LB-Phone, QK-phone, QS-smartphone, and NPWD (plug & play)).

  • Time limit of phone calls from phone booths (10 minutes max adjustable)

  • Every phone call to the prison is logged (who called, when, the specific booth that has been used)

  • Modifiable price per call from the phone booth

  • Adjustable jail time (Player must be online or offline; can be set up.)

  • Setup the prison’s radio

  • Setup an NPC or vehicle spawning inside the prison

  • Group commands (ranks can be modified; who’s able to use commands)


  • oxmysql / mysql-async / ghattimysql  

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