Bowling | Multiplayer & Synced

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Package Description

Play bowling against friends, team vs. team to establish who has better friends or solo to practice! This is as close as you can get to real-life bowling experience with realistic physics, great throw input selection and ball spin. Players can master their bowling skills to beat their opponents consistently if they learn good throw techniques.

Everything is perfectly synchronized so all players can see each other's throws, play against each other or together in teams.

Script includes a Breze's bowling map (with author's permission) and has support for Gabz's bowling map.

This resource is fully standalone and supports wagers (bets) for ESX and QBCore.

The design scoreboard design is easily customisable. You can edit and build the Vue app yourself, or just change colors in assets/index.html.You can also change the scoreboard logo colors, just replace blue-icon with one of black-icon, orange-icon, purple-icon or red-icon in the same file.



  • Standalone, wagers (bets) support for ESX and QBCore
  • Includes Breze's bowling map and supports Gabz's bowling map
  • Accurate physics (including ball spin)
  • Fully synced and deterministic - all players see the same exact throw
  • Players can choose number of rounds for a game
  • Sounds (pin reset, ball roll, pin hit)
  • Custom animations
  • Skill-based input system - the more players play and understand the inputs, the better they can score
  • /bowlingleave to leave game
  • /bowlingvolume 0-100 for volume control
  • Easily translatable to your language
  • includes Guidebook page that explains the game (if you have our Guidebook resource)

This resource uses FiveM's escrow, but everything except physics and session management is fully editable.



Included map


Creating new game


Starting a game with other players




Throw input selection


Truly multiplayer