FiveM Piano | Networked Music!

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Package Description

Add life to your server and allow your players to play on a Piano! This fully networked resource allows you and your players to perform jusing just your keyboard, play predefined music or create your own in music editor.

You can record, store and even play music that other players have created. Supports classic, electric and synth tones. This resource will enhance immersion with players being able to play anywhere they choose to.



Feature list
- You can play using just your keyboard, play predefined music or create it with in-game music editor

- Record and store your own music
- Change key binds for the note keys
- Change piano key type of the volume Synt or classic
- Change volume for the piano (Every person can have their own volume so they dont go def)

- Quick change volume in the piano's UI

- Stored music can be renamed
- Stored music can be further edited after save
- Stored music can be removed from the list

- Share a music between community / friends
- Load a music from friend / text

- Option to add / remove default music
- Option to add a new piano in certian location in config
- Option to change blip settings
- Option to switch between 3D and 2D sound in config
- Option to change the animation when playing the piano

- Onesync on

WARNING: Your server must be using server artifact 4752 or newer. If you start the resource and see error Bad binary format or syntax error near </1>, it means you are running old version of fivem server. Please update to 4752 or newer.