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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow FiveM protection. 

Take control of advertising in Los Santos with our unique rcore_banners resource, the all-in-one solution for creating a dynamic and immersive in-game advertising experience!


There are 300+ customizable billboards available around Los Santos, that you can buy and manage, capable of displaying text, images and even GIFs!


Place posters around town in a fun job!

Players can take on the task of delivering and placing posters around the city to earn some money! 



Become the advertising mogul in Los Santos by running your own business! Buy and manage billboards, come up with eye-catching designs and produce posters in a fun minigame to place around the city for your clients.


Create custom banners in-game!

Create new designs for billboards and posters directly within the game. Simply provide a link (URL) to the image or use a texture dictionary (YTD) to display your masterpiece for all to see. 

The whole script uses a permission system to restrict certain parts, like the custom image creation, to specific roles.



  • 300+ billboards available around Los Santos
    • you can either display text and contact of your advertisement
    • or place any image (or GIF!) on the billboards!
  • You can also place posters on any suitable surface around the map
  • Includes interactive map of all billboards that are available for purchase
  • Business system, which allows to produce custom posters for other business/citizens in the Los Santos, and buy and manage billboards
  • Simple poster job, which allows players to do deliveries of posters around the city
  • Create new billboard/poster images directly in-game: Supports images from link (URL) and YTD files
  • Fully synced for all users
  • Supporting ESX/QBCore/Standalone frameworks.
    • Business related features available only for ESX & QBCore.

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