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Being an admin has become an easy task. Dive into this system. Be flexible and fast. Manage all created reports by using the most advanced system that is currently available.

What are the features?

  • Can be used on ESX, QBCore, or any other server (standalone)

  • A report can be easily made by every player by using the command /report. The script includes an HTML transcript and a timeline. To make the report even better, it is possible to make a screenshot of players’ surroundings, which includes assigned IDs for every player captured in the screenshot

  • Toggle the on/off switch to make yourself active. By using the tools, administrators can interact with each specific report and player contained in the screenshot. You can press click to copy discord IDs, hide messages that will be visible only to admins, and more…

  • An admin can invite or kick people from the report's chat. Admins can set the color of their chat so it’s perfectly visible to all. When the report is opened, it creates a sidebar with a specific symbol. That symbol turns green when somebody responds to the current conversation

  • Statistics are visible for server owners and superadmins. It’s a detailed report about every ticket. Who resolved it, how many tickets did the particular administrator resolve, and so on

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