Play any music in your car! (youtube/any url)

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Package Description


This resource uses escrow FivemĀ protection.

Have you ever wanted to play some youtube music in FiveM? Blast some old school rap or rock song? You can with this Car Radio script!

In-game radio stations are cool, but we've heard all they have to offer way too many times. This resource allows you to take your favorite artist and blast their hit songs for you and everyone in and around your car! And you can save your songs! Blast it on repeat, baby!

Radio Car Features

  • 3D sound
  • Can run on any framework
  • All is server synced
  • Can play any song from direct URL / Livestream / youtube / radio stream
  • Option to make the radio for VIP's only
  • Option to edit/save music in the vehicle
  • Option to enable the radio from command or key
  • Option to disable music after vehicle engine is off
  • Option to allow the radio to interact from any seats or lock to seat list
  • Option to change music distance for the certain vehicle only
  • Option to have a blacklist for vehicles that can interact with radio
  • Option to have a whitelist for vehicles that can interact with radio
  • Option to disable categories of vehicles such alike (boat, heli, plane, sub, train, etc)
  • Option to create a default music list in the vehicle in config

Server API (export only) to further integrate this resource to your server (you need your programmer to use it)

- GiveRadioToCar(LicensePlate, cb)
In config, you can set that no vehicles have this custom radio. Then on server with `exports.rcore_radiocar:GiveRadioToCar` you can enable radio in given vehicle.

- HasCarRadio(LicensePlate)
Checks wether or not the car has this custom radio.

- RemoveRadioFromCar(LicensePlate, cb)
Removes this custom radio from given vehicle.

These functions enable you to add this custom radio as an option for your mechanics to install it in a car.


  • MySQL-async
  • onesync enabled