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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection. Only physics and session management is escrowed, the rest is fully editable.

Live the life of Basketball Pro with this awesome resource. Allows you to play solo or compete against others - even bet on winning the game! Show your skill with precise shots and awesome trick moves.

Three Game Modes


First player can throw from anywhere. If they score, the rest of the players must score from the same position. Who doesn't make it gets a letter. After all players have thrown, second player sets new throw position. Players who get all 5 letters (HORSE) are eliminated. Last player standing wins. You can change the letters in config.

Around the World

First player sets several points from where players will have to throw. To win, player has to make a shot from all defined positions. Player can throw as long as they scored their previous shot. Once they miss, another player gets the ball and starts throwing.

Free Throw

Perfect mode to practice your game. Any player in the game can pickup the ball and throw from anywhere. If they score from behind the 3-point line, they get 3 points. Otherwise they get 1 point.


When setting up a game, you can choose between three difficulties. Easy and Medium difficulty optimize the shot to increase the likelihood of scoring. It is very easy to score from within the 3-point line on Easy difficulty, whereas scoring on Hard difficulty is... very hard.

You can send our How To Aim video to your players or include it in your Guidebook. This video shows the best practice to make a shot - first line up the aim path to make sure you are throwing straight at the hoop. Next, look from the side and select your throw power.

Ball as an Item, Placeable Hoops

You can enable the requirement of having basketball item in inventory when starting the game.

With item basketball_hoop, players can place the hoop anywhere on the map.


  • /leavebasketball
  • /basketvolume 0-100

Basketball Features

  • Multiplayer and synchronized
  • Custom animations
  • Very satisfying and fun gameplay
  • 3 game modes - HORSE, Around the World and Free Throw
  • 3 difficulties - the harder the difficulty, the less aim assists you have
  • 2 special trick moves - Finger Spin and Behind the Neck Roll (requires 50 and 150 scored shots, can be configured)
  • All in-game hoops supported
  • Wager/bet money on winning the match
  • Players can place their own hoops with basketball_hoop item
  • qb-target, bt-target, qtarget support
  • Can require players to have basketball item
  • You can hide markers or make them flat
  • Fully translatable
  • Includes ball impact sounds

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