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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow FiveM protection. Only physics and session management is escrowed, the rest is fully editable.

Golf is more than just a sport. It's a private place to meet your friends. To talk business. It's a way to a healthy lifestyle.

Take your friends on a golfing adventure with our unique, multiplayer and fully synchronized resource, featuring 9 holes and all the golf features you'd expect.

Queue system

Many groups can play at the same time. If they meet at the same hole, the second group has to wait for the first one to finish.

9 holes

All nine holes of Los Santos Golf Club are available. If you feel like playing a short game, you can select which hole  you want to start and end at.

14 golf irons

Each iron (type of golf club) has different  characteristics. Driver is for long-range shots. Regular irons provide you with better accuracy for mid-range shots.

Wedges can help you with either getting out of a sticky situation (like bunker,) or allow you to precisely choose the point of impact - but at the cost of range.

When you reach the putting green, you can use the putter for precise short putts.


Social activities while golfing are great. But at the end of the day, you want to know who is the better golfer. For that, this script provides you with a fully functioning scoreboard to keep track. 


  • Full multiplayer support
  • Realistic physics, affected by wind, ground material and other obstacles, like leaves
  • Multiple groups can play at the same time (if they meet at one hole, one group has to wait for the first group to finish)
  • 14 different golf irons
  • You can rent a golf cart to get around faster
  • You can require players to own golf clubs to play, or rent them
  • Players can wager money on winning the game

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