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Resource Description

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This Camera system can transform how your server's police investigate crime. It allows cops to re-play events at a crime scene long after the crime has happened and criminals are not there anymore.

When a crime happens (shooting, robbery, drug sale, ...) all cameras in nearest Camera Group start recording. Recording stops when everyone leaves the area, recording reaches 10 minutes or police stops it manually.

Police officers can then re-play events that happend at a crime scene and use either the recording itself or screenshots from it to convict or better investigate criminals.

When you take recording from a camera, use `/recordings` to see all recordings that you have on your character. You can store them at police station or give to other players.

Recordings are stored for 7 days by default, across server restarts.

If recording isn't triggered after an action on your server (i.e. heist/robbery), please create a ticket on our discord and we'll assist you in figuring out how to add support for that script.

After adding this script to your server, run command `/camrecalibrate`. This will teleport you around the map and check that all pre-defined cameras exist in your server. This might delete some cameras (like buildings/interiors replaced by addon MLOs).

You can use command `/camadmintool` to register new cameras to the system, such as cameras added in Codewalker or included in MLO interiors on your server.

You need ace permission to run the command, or you can use it from server console as `/camrecalibrate <serverid>` or `/camadmintool <serverid>` 

Recording Camera System Features

  • Supports ESX, QBC and can be integrated into any other framework easily
  • Starts recording when crime happens (shooting, robbery, drug sale, ...)
  • Records all players, NPCs and vehicles
  • Records correct clothing and vehicle tuning
  • Records weapons and shooting
  • Cameras can be shot-out
  • View crime-scene from multiple camera angles (1481 cameras split into 345 groups)
  • Can record animations and me/do
  • Police can re-play events from the past
  • By default, recordings stay for 7 days (configuable)
  • Recordings can be taken from camera and deposited at police station (storage has 10 different Evidence folders, configurable)
  • Recordings can be given to other players (take from camera, then `/recordings`)
  • Optimized (0.02ms idle, ~0.09 when recording)
  • Replay is in-game, with real entities moving around
  • You can pause, rewind and fast forward
  • `/camrecalibrate` command to calibrate cameras for your server
  • `/camadmintool` to register new cameras to the system


  • OneSync
  • server version 4752
  • MySQL

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