These resources will introduce new roleplay activities for your players to do.

7 Scripts available


Ultimate Christmas

Christmas script that contains everything you need for your players - building trees, snowmans, hunting and giving gifts and more!

25.00 EUR

Camping with Friends

Advanced camping script with multiple placable objects that can be extended and also with fire that you need to feed! Do you have food for you to cook? Yes! Also, we add an option to cook anything on fire that you want :)

30.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore

Recording Security Cameras with Playback & Rewind

This Camera system can transform how your server's police investigate crime. It allows cops to re-play events at a crime scene long after the crime has happened and criminals are not there anymore.

45.00 EUR

Gang & Turf System

Here comes the most complex FiveM gang script featuring turf wars, racketeering, rivalries between gangs, loyalty in territories, drug selling and much more!

45.00 EUR


Hotel script that will help your players to have a place to sleep if they don't need a house, our script will let you create multiple hotels with any map that you can get at this time, simply create hotel and rooms - allow per room storages or clothes menu.

35.00 EUR

Job Blips (Infinity supported)

Want to have blips for jobs but stable and optimized? This resource can do it for you.


Speed Radars

Allows you to create radars across the city, you can set a speed limit and make sure that payments are going to some society for example police or government.

15.00 EUR

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