FiveM Tennis

45.00 EUR

Package Description


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Challenge your friends or foes to a Tennis match! All courts supported, even when there is multiple of them next to each other. You can even organize a grand Tournament!

All tennis rules are implemented, so the game decides who gets points, who servers and from which side. 

YouTube video:

FiveM Tennis Features

  • Works on every server (esx/vrp/qbcore/standalone)
  • Full animation support - different hits, lunges and jumps
  • All tennis courts supported
  • Full sound support
  • Very fun to play, easy to start, high skill ceiling
  • Translatable to any language with config
  • Counts won points and games

WARNING: Your server must be using server artifact 4752 or newer. If you are using Zap Hosting, please make sure you are using latest server version.