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Beer, girls, cars, roaring engines, loud music. The sweet basics of every car derby. You wish to challenge your friends or foes in free-for-all car derby? Now you have your chance! Place bets, buckle up, and let's go smash some cars. Six players can enter, only one will become a champion of sumo-derby.

How to join a derby

  • You can use a command - “/minigame join derby“
  • Find a specific marker on a ground (specific location will be marked with a blip on the map)

How to leave a derby in a process

  • You can use a command - “/minigame leave“

Feature list

  • Multi-virtual-world allowing players to compete and participate in large numbers
  • Open selection of derby's vehicles
  • Function “GameEnded“ - that shows player's score, can be modified to give a player a reward for specific score
  • Script is allowing modification of derby's settings - spawn point per player, time limit per game, min/max players, private/open arena
  • Camera effects can be modified

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