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Resource Description

This resource uses FiveM's escrow, most of the files are open only few of them are escrowed. 

Our tuning shop resource completly transforms the mechanic job. Mechanic can open a tuning catalogue for a player and the player can preview and order from over 60 different tuning options (depends on a car model.)

When the player places an order, mechanics can start tuning the car as per the customer's wishes. 

Tuning a vehicle now means more than just clicking options in a menu - each tuning item has it's own steps that the mechanic must perform to install the upgrade.

Unique Upgrades

The tuning resource supports all tuning options from GTA itself, but includes few new ones on top. You can now adjust wheel camber and spacers to make your vehicle look much sportier and meaner.

When you start feeling a distinct lack of performance, bolt on a nitro kit and leave your enemies eating dust.

Easily adjustable pricing

We know that every server has it's own unique economy, so we've made price changes as easy as we could. 

Tuning prices loosely depend on vehicle's purchase price and each vehicle can be re-categorized in-game with /tuningcategorize . With 5 categories, the better vehicle a player has, the more they will pay.

The easiest way of adjusting pricing is with MoneyCostMultiplier in config, which multiplies all prices by this number. When you want all upgrades to be 10 times more expensive than they are by default, just change one number.

You can also tweak individual tuning option prices or vehicle class modifiers in config_prices.lua.

How Components Work

By enabling Config.Components, you are essentialy activating a secondary economy within your city. 

Components will be used to upgrade businesses and to upgrade vehicles instead of money. 

Acquiring components however is no easy task. Players will have to head down to the junkyard and meet the junkyard manager. The manager will make the player aware of a certain colour or type of vehicle that he is looking for. Players will then be tasked to find this vehicle on the street and bring it to the junkyard where they will disassemble the vehicle. From the wheels to the doors, the vehicle will be scrapped and players will be given the component items for each part of the vehicle that they disassemble. 

Players can then choose to sell components to mechanic shops which can be used to upgrade their vehicles, upgrade the business or be traded in for some cash.

How do shop upgrades work?

With purchasable upgrades enabled, mechanic shop owners must purchase or sell upgrades from their location. 

Purchasing an upgrade means that a mechanic can install that modification on a customers vehicle allowing different businesses to specialise in different types of modifications. 

Mechanic shop owners can use their own money, money from the society or components depending on your configuration of the script. Furthermore, upgrades can be sold to receive ~20% of the initial cost. Selling an upgrade will mean that mechanics can no longer install that certain modification on a customer's vehicle


  • Over 60 tuning options
  • Players can view all tuning options and mechanics then install their order
  • Multiple mechanics can work on a car at the same time
  • Wheel Camber & Spacers
  • Compatible with all garage scripts
  • Nitrous (with Purge)
  • Optionally, each upgrade must be unlocked (purchased) first by tuning shop
  • Tuning process - mechanic must pick up parts from around the shop and install them
  • Optional second currency - you can configure shops to use Components (item) instead of money, which can be acquired by dismantling vehicles at junkyard
  • Configurable locations (you can even restrict shops to only cars or motorbikes)
  • Discord webhooks
  • QBCore/ESX
  • QB/OX/BT/Q Target integrations
  • Society integrations

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