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Drunk System

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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.


  • Onesync
  • MySQL

Feature list:

  • It contains a minigame when two guys compete against each other who can drink more Super Vodka ™ rcore
  • Backwards compatibility with "esx_status" / "qb_smallresources"
  • A Player can take self alcohol test to see how drunk he is.
  • Police can request citizens to take alcohol tests (players can refuse)
  • Each player has different toughness which means certain players can fall more often than the others because they're more "weak" against the alcohol effect. Some players are tanks and can withstand more alcohol without falling to the ground!
  • Players can carry bottles in their hands and chill outside with homies each alcohol can be sipped x amount of time. For example, you can drink up beer up to 5x times before you finish the bottle!
  • There is 3D text above players head with his drunk level status such like: "  * Breath smells like alcohol *,  * Passed out and smells like an alcohol *, etc.

Working alcohol around map-like from online/singleplayer!
You can drink alcohol from tables just like online/single! (look down in the gif gallery to see how it looks)

What working type you can expect? 

  1. Whiskey
  2. Wine
  3. Beer

Player effects when drunk

  • Funny walking
  • Motion blur enables
  • Shaking camera
  • Screen effect
  • Hearing world echo
  • Vomiting
  • Can pass out for a certain amount of time.
  • When driving the steering wheel moves softly randomly left / right
  • Random events in vehicle example: Suddenly press brake, gas, etc.
  • When running and being drunk at the same time there is a chance you might fall down same applies to jumping
  • When aiming with a gun and being drunk you may by accident pressing the trigger and shoot (whoopsie)
  • Walking upstairs / hill / downstairs becomes more difficult! There is more chance that you may fall to the ground!

Yes, the player will have a proper headache.

  • Random effects on screen such like
    • Blackout
    • shaking cam for a few seconds (simulation headache)
    • granulation (like when you get up fast)

Boring  stuff for developers
The resource contains API to use, I will just list here all exports.


  • GetPlayerHeadachePercentage() 
  • HasPlayerHeadache() 
  • IsPlayerHeadacheAtPercentage(float number) 
  • AddPlayerHeadachePercentage(float number)
  • RemovePlayerHeadachePercentage(float number) 
  • SetPlayerHeadachePercentage(float number) 


  • GetPlayerDrunkPercentage()
  • IsPlayerDrunkAtLevel(float number)
  • GetPlayerDrunkLevel()
  • IsPlayerDrunk()
  • IsPlayerDrunkAtPercentage(float number)
  • AddPlayerDrunkPercentage(float number)
  • RemovePlayerDrunkPercentage(float number)
  • SetPlayerDrunkPercentage(float number)

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