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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

The rcore_guidebook script is the only in-game fully editable guide you will ever need. With this guide, your players will never have to leave the game to find anything about your server. FAQs, tutorials, and every piece of information you can imagine in one place, easy to use, editable and sorted into categories. As an admin you will have access to the control panel, where you can create new categories, pages and help points. 

Categories are pretty simple; think of a suitable name, hit create and done. 

Pages However, with pages, you can unleash your creativity. Our in-game control panel provides you with an easy to use page creator, which you can use to format and edit your text, add images, lists, videos and more. You can also create special GPS buttons to navigate players to any place on the map from your guidebook page! We are sure many of you have been in a situation, where a player asks about a thing you have answered many times before and we are here to save you! Simply use command /sendhelp <id> <page> to directly open specific page on a player's screen. 

Help points You can also create info points around the map where interacting with this point will open a specific page in the guidebook or a custom content. Points can be as simple as a 3D text anywhere on the map, but where's the fun in that? You will also be able to add markers and blips to each point and create custom content! 

Themes We know how important it is to retain your server style and identity, so we prepared 6 different color themes.

Stop wasting time answering repetitive questions and teach players about your server without leaving the game with rcore Guidebook

Available commands (can be changed to anything else in /config.lua):

/help - opens help for players
/helpadmin - open administration of help
/sendhelp [ID] [pageKey(optional)] - open help for player (for admins / permisions)
/pointgps [pointKey]


  • Onesync
  • database and oxmysql or mysql-async script

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