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This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

This resource will make choosing and using tattoos actually easy, fun & enjoyable while providing many special features! 

The new rcore_tattoos script provides players with an easy-to-use modern UI, which you can configure to your liking and also choose from 6 predefined design variants or create your own.

You can easily navigate through an interactive menu while choosing the body part to be tattooed. But the actual fun begins while choosing the tattoo and using our special features!

Would you like to make some tattoos available only for certain jobs? Done! Your gangs can finally have their own desired tattoos and get the respect they want!

And what about temporary tattoos?

Robbing a bank is surely nice when you don't get caught, right? Imagine getting a face tattoo to make everyone remember you, but after a few days it would wear off and no one would be able to find you. Try the special henna tattoos, which are temporary and will automatically disappear after some time!

Players will be able to change the opacity of each tattoo to make their favorite ones stand out!

The script also contains all tattoos from the latest DLCs! And you say that the basic GTA tattoos aren't enough? No problem, you can add your own! We support add-on tattoos and we have created a very easy-to-use tattoo generator, which you can check out here

The script is standalone and also includes integration to the most used frameworks (ESX, QB), meaning you can use any framework (ESX, QB, vRP, your own...) you want!
You can even use an API with important events you can call from your scripts.

And if you are already using another popular tattoo script, don't worry! We included a migration to convert your players' tattoos to our script! 



- Addon tattoos with an easy-to-use generator
- Job, job grade and player identifier restricted tattoos
- Henna (temporary) tattoos
- Ability to pay with any money account (editable in config)
- Preview tattoo shops (players can browse tattoos, but can't buy)
- Interactive, modern, and configurable UI with many design variants
- Tattoo opacity
- Standalone
- Tattoo migration from other popular tattoo scripts
- API with important events
- Majority of tattoo names translated to all languages available in GTA 5
- EN, DE, IT, FR, ES, CS, KR, PL translations are available

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