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Table Tennis / Ping Pong

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Various Ball Options
Explore a range of balls with custom physics, sounds, and sizes, each offering a unique gameplay experience.

  • Tennis ball
  • Pong ball
  • Paper ball
  • Baseball ball
  • Billiard ball


Multiple Game Modes
Choose from a selection of game modes and speeds to suit your preferences.

  • Classic: Traditional gameplay where points are scored by successfully hitting the ball past your opponent. Missing the ball results in your opponent gaining a point, and initiating a new round.
  • Speed Up: Similar to Classic, but the ball accelerates after each successful hit, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the match.
  • Walls: Classic gameplay with a twist—the ball bounces off invisible walls on the sides of the table, requiring strategic positioning and quick reflexes.
  • Billiards: Step into an exciting challenge where each round introduces a unique billiard ball, each marked with its own number. Score the ball to earn the corresponding points listed, aiming to reach a total of 60 points to win the game
  • Target Practise: Test your precision in this mode, where the table is divided into target zones, each assigned a specific point value. Successfully hitting the ball into these zones scores points, but missing results in your opponent gaining a point


Adjustable Experience

Customize your experience with personalized options, adjusting the game to fit your playstyle.

Discover a range of customization options, from choosing different ball types to deciding whether to play with or without a net. Fine-tune shot prediction indicators and switch between ranked and non-ranked matches for a personalized gaming experience.


Matchup Freedom

Compete with Friends or AI Opponents Whether you're up for a friendly competition or a solo challenge, the choice is yours – play against friends or AI opponents whenever you like.


Leaderboard Domination

Reach for the Highest Rank and Make Your Mark.
Compete in matches to improve your rank on the leaderboard. Each win brings you closer to the top spot. Will you be the ultimate winner?

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