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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

Take a break from chaotic Los Santos shenanigans and play some old-school pool with your friends.

This script supports any number of players, anywhere on the map where you can find a billiards table. You can also place your own pool tables wherever you want. 

Almost everyone uses a bit different pool rules, so this script doesn't restrict you to any ruleset. You can reset the game anytime, and play ball-in-hand (so you can place the ball anywhere) wherever you want. To prevent players from cheating, you must watch the game and stop them from doing so.

Whenever a ball is pocketed or player takes the ball in hand, everyone around the table receives a notification (Player has picked up the ball/what ball was pocketed.)

You can change keybinds or language in config file.

Pool Features

  • Works on every server (esx/vrp/anything)
  • Straight pool or 8 ball
  • All pool tables anywhere work
  • Anyone can play
  • Fully multiplayer synced
  • Full sound support - balls colliding, balls being pocketed, balls bouncing off of cushions
  • Uses WarMenu (included), but you can easily use your own menu system

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