Resources in this category will enhance gameplay on your server, bring new game mechanic and overall expand your gameplay loop.

10 Scripts available

Standalone ESX/QBCore

Advanced report system

Complete report system with chat, timeline, player invites, screnshots, history and more!

30.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore

Prison all-in-one system

A new all-in-one prison system that supports all the existing maps and includes community works with over 400 places across Los Santos, supporting all inventories and phones.

40.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore


The only in-game fully editable guide you will ever need. With this guide, your players will never have to leave the game to find anything about your server. FAQs, tutorials, and every piece of information you can imagine in one place, easy to use, editable and sorted into categories.

30.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore

Drunk System

Extensive drinking resource allowing you to get drunk in various ways. You can carry a bottle with you, compete in a drinking challange or have wine in your penthouse. Includes breathalyzer test.

20.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore

Car Stickers / Decals

Have you ever looked at your car thinking it looks boring? Say no more to that, here comes the ultimate car stickers script! Our script allows you to place stickers on your vehicle in game, not to mention it's all multiplayer synced!

45.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore

Shooting Range

Gun Range allows you to practice your shooting. You can bring your own weapon or rent one.

25.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore

Graffiti/Spray Anything on Walls

Allows you to spray graffiti anywhere around Los Santos. You can spray both text or images, both of which you can add.

30.00 EUR

Neat garage system!

You will be amazed. Our garage system has a variety of features and it can be easily modified. Creating a garage for a certain job and also share the garage between your employees is now possible!

24.90 EUR

Identity | Better Registration

Are you tired of the old esx_identity design? Do you need something new and fresh? Here we are!

15.00 EUR
Standalone ESX/QBCore

Waiting Loadingscreen

Simple loading screen where you can put rules, news or other useful information.

10.00 EUR

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