Standalone ESX/QBCore

Easter Egg Hunt - hunt easter eggs around map!

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Resource Description

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Easter is here!

Bringing you a fun activity for all players, Easter is coming and with it comes Easter eggs

  • 6 addon easter egg props
  • 2 sizes of each prop
  • define reward items for each model


Search for them

Eggs appear randomly so your players must search and race to see who finds it first! Your players will love it.

  • over 150+ positions
  • radius blip on the map for 30s
  • nearby location notification


Position helper and more

Want to add your own location or model? No problem. We prepared a tool for it as well, so you can simply add more positions.

  • position helper with debug to see all positions or add new with a command
  • option to add as many models as you want
  • Server side API 


ESX, QBCore or standalone without a framework, esx inventory, qbcore inventory, qs-inventory, mf-inventory, ps-inventory, lj-inventory, core_inventory also ox_target, qb-target and q-target. 

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