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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

The most advanced vehicle shop on the market! With our script, you can create multiple stores with specific settings for each. Limited vehicle stocks? Vehicle statistics or car rental? Let us show you more :)

Ready for ESX/QBcore with the option to adjust to your specific framework.

Supported garages

  • AdvancedParking
  • cd_garage
  • qb-garages
  • esx_garage
  • most others

Feature list:

  • Dealer boss menu
    • Change any vehicle price
    • Buy vehicles to the stock
    • Withdraw job money
    • Deposit job money
    • Employee management
    • Salary management
  • Create stores with specific settings
    • You can enable 3D text above the marker
    • Marker can be disabled
    • Custom enter message per every shop
    • Society configurable per marker
    • The marker/3D text can be visible for only specific jobs selected in the config
    • Certain vehicles can be blocked for a test drive
    • Categories can be whitelisted/blacklisted
    • Camera position can be edited
  • Showroom with cars + 3D text with information such as like
    • Vehicle model name
    • Price of the vehicle
    • VIP price of the vehicle
    • Total quantity in stock
  • In-game editor
    • Creating/Editing/Removing category
    • Adding/Editing/Removing vehicle from a specific category
    • Option to create a new job in the database
  • Statistics for cars such as
    • Speed
    • Engine level
    • Transmission level
    • Fuel
    • Vehicle dirtiness

  • Each vehicle can have a limited quantity in stock 
  • You can pay with a credit card/cash in the shop
  • You can sell the vehicle you bought from the shop
  • You can disable the whole buying and have it only as a catalog 
  • You can rent a vehicle for a limited time sequence

Developer/Admin stuff:

You can edit any in-game shop with the built-in game editor

If you're using qb-core you can easily import all vehicles to the rcore_pdm in two steps.

in-game editor for screenshots


  • Onesync
  • MySQL / oxmysql

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