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Resource Description

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rcore_job_blips 🚓🔦 

Manage player groups blips on map with our new resource, designed to enhance roleplaying experiences on your server.  

Group Management Features 🛠️ 

  • Customizable Group: Divide players into specific groups based on job, job grades, gangs (compatible with QB and RCore gangs), having certain item, and more.
  • Mutual Visibility: Configure groups to see each other, you can set group to do not see own group on map also; visibility settings are fully configurable.
  • Example Configuration: Set up groups like "Police" requiring a police job and item police_gps in your inventory, with possiblity to see groups like "ambulance," "firefighters," and "fbi".

Blips Functionality 📍💡 

  • Unique Synchronization: Ensures fast player synchronization across the map without causing server and client instability.
  • Customization Options: Personalize blips for each group and globally. Modify icons, colors, sizes, and choose visibility preferences for the minimap, map, or both and much more.
  • Vehicle Differentiation: Blips appearance can be different with diffrent vehicles, including airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars, motorcycles/bicycles, or trains, and can even be based on vehicle models.
  • Direction Indicators: Set indicators for player viewing direction or direction of travel using triangle or cone symbols.
  • Siren Integration: Enable blip color changes and flashing when vehicle emergency sirens are activated.

Compatibility & Support🔄💼 

  • Framework Support: Compatible with frameworks ESX, QBcore, and also Standalone for custom implementation.
  • Inventory Compatibility: Supports base es_extended inventory, mf-inventory, ox_inventory, qs-inventory and qb_inventory.

Enhance the organization and immersion of your roleplaying server with our rcore_job_blips resource! 🚀🌟 

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