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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

The ultimate gunshop script for your FiveM server!

This resource allows you to easily purchase and customize a wide variety of weapons, tints, attachments, and ammo at any Ammu-Nation location in Los Santos. The prices for these items can be easily adjusted to fit your server's economy, and you can even add custom weapons with ease.

It also includes a business & job integration, where a job can be assigned to each or all shops. The employees need to keep the shop stocked up, can sell weapons from a van to other players or NPCs.

The user interface is beautiful, interactive, and satisfying, making it a pleasure to use. You can preview tints and attachments before making your purchase to ensure you get exactly what you want.

The shopkeeper and marker can be easily enabled or disabled, depending on your preferences. rcore_gunshop is fully translatable, so it can be enjoyed by players of all languages.

This resource is compatible with both ESX and QBCore, and supports qtarget, bt-target, qb-target, and oxtarget. You can even limit certain guns to certain jobs to add an extra level of realism to your server.

With so many customization options and a seamless user experience, rcore_gunshop is a must-have for any FiveM server.

Inventory support

The resource currently supports qb-inventory, qs-inventory, ox_inventory, esx_inventoryhud, core-inventory and mf-inventory.

If you have any other inventory, please create a ticket and we'll work with you to add support before purchase.


  • All Ammu-Nations in Los Santos supported
  • Prices for weapons, ammo, tints and attachments can be easily changed
  • Job integration, with stock
  • Employees can sell weapons from a van to players or NPCs
  • Ability to add custom weapons with ease
  • Allows you to purchase weapons, tints, attachments & ammo
  • Can preview tints and attachments
  • Beautiful, interactive and satisfying UI
  • Easily enable/disable a shopkeeper
  • Easily enable/disable the marker
  • Fully translatable
  • Supports ESX and QBCore
  • Supports qtarget, bt-target, qb-target and oxtarget
  • Supports limiting certain guns to certain jobs

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