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- Onesync

This mission pack includes 5 interactive, fun & RP-friendly work opportunities for your players.

Three of these missions allow players to do work in a group, making earning money a lot more fun and RP-friendly. One makes a player deliver packages to other players. The last is solo-only towing job. When a participant of a multiplayer mission disconnects or his game crashes, they can connect and continue.

These missions don't have any dependency on any exising job system and thus can be done independently from your framework's employment system.

All missions are time-limited, so every mission can only be done certain amount of times per hour per player. This can be changed in config.

With this mission pack your players can do very different missions throughout their day, leading to less "grind feeling."

All except Junkyard Scrap Collection can be done in parallel by unlimited amount of groups of players. Junkyard Scrap Collection is limited to 1 group per 30 minutes.

To cancel current mission, type /mission and cancel.

Car Delivery Mission

1-4 players recommended

In this mission, players will be delivering luxury cars to dealership customers. Participants must go to randomly generated dealership parking lots and find the cars based on provided names.

When they find the correct cars, they must deliver it to the customer. This mission is time-limited so if the players aren't fast enough, they will fail the mission.

The reward will be lower if the vehicles arrive damaged. If the car is damaged by more then 15%, the customer will not accept the delivery.


Junkyard Scrap Collection

1-4 players recommended

This mission sends the players to collect car parts on a scrapyard on Los Santos' outskirts, where they must find randomly placed car parts and load them into a van. When they collect all parts or can't find any more, they drive the parts to the scrapyard in the city, finishing the mission.



1 player, delivers packages to other players

Here player takes on a role of a commercial courier. When mission is started, random player is selected and receives a message asking them if they want to accept a delivery.

If they do, their phone number is sent to the courier, allowing the courier to connect with the recipient and agree on a place to meet. Once the players meet, the courier delivers a box to the recipient, getting cash reward for their work and the player receives a cash reward for accepting the delivery (or random items, can be configured)


Delivering packages to other players that accept delivery

House Moving

1-4 players recommended

This mission makes players help customers move from one house to another. Participants arrive at a house and proceed to move boxes from interior to their truck. When all boxes are collected, the players drive to another house where they unload all of the boxes. Mission is done after returning the truck to the moving company's HQ.


Tow Truck


This is the only singleplayer mission in this pack, but we loved it so much we kept it in.

What makes this towing mission special, is that a player isn't told where exactly the target vehicle is, instead they have to find it in a designated area. Beyond that, it's regular towing mission with 60 seconds "waiting for dispatch" every delivery and a maximum of 5 deliveries per 15 minutes (configurable).


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