Standalone ESX/QBCore

Racing with ELO Leaderboard and Procedural Routes

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Resource Description

This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

Start racing the streets of Los Santos using our racing script, which allows you to create a race with randomly generated route anywhere on the map. Yep, you heard right, the race will always have a unique route which has never been raced before! 

Want to know who's a better driver? No problem, our script comes with an elo system! All racers start with 1400 elo points and can either gain or lose points based on their overall racing performance and the skill of other opponents. 

You don't have to worry about cheaters as all vehicles have been categorized to their corresponding category. And if you want to increase the challenge, there is also a betting system!

Addon vehicles/changed handling

Vehicles have been categorized based on their racing capabilities, i.e. top speed and the time it takes the vehicle to reach 60 MPH. In case you have changed the handling of some vehicles, there is no need to worry as you can categorize these vehicles again. 

All you need to is remove the vehicles from vehicles.json (or delete the whole contents, but leave the file) and run the /categorizevehicles command in game. In case you have addon vehicles, just add them to config_vehicles.lua and run the same command in game.


  • Unique route every time
  • Elo system
  • Betting system
  • Slipstream system (with an amazing visual effect)
  • Catch-up system
  • Categorized vehicles
  • Racing UI


  • Idle - 0.01ms to 0.03ms (depends on how many races are currently on the map)
  • In zone - 0.09ms
  • In race - 0.1ms

Fully supports: ESX, QBCore, Standalone, Custom events
Database drivers: MySQL-Async, OxMySQL


  • Onesync

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