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You will be amazed. Our garage system has a variety of features and it can be easily modified. Creating a garage for a certain job and also share the garage between your employees is now possible! Pick your favourite car before the dumb collegue does!

What are the features?

  • Can be used on ESX server
  • Can be used on QBCore server

  • Vehicles keys
  • Lockpicking system

  • Option to disable vehicle keys
  • Option to disable lockpicking

  • Counting mileage per vehicle!
  • You can choose between miles/kilometers in the config

  • Tax system allowing people to set tax on a garage that will automatically start counting the tax per day
  • Failure of the engine when mileage is too big. Well used vehicles are not in a very good shape so the vehicle will start breaking apart, the engine will randomly turn on / off, random increase/decrease of the speed, etc.

  • An owner of a job is able to set-up in a config that job’s vehicles will be visible in his own personal garage so he can control it even when he’s not near the job’s garage. But there is a fee for that.
  • Option to show towed vehicles in garages (won’t be able to take them just list what is towed)

  • If the vehicle already exists outside of the world it will not spawn it.
  • All vehicles are in their own garage and if you want pick-up the vehicle from another location you will have to pay a fee to bring the vehicle for you pal.

  • Option to disable repair menu
  • Tow service will make a fee for you when taking the vehicle (days * defined amount in config.) so if you’re going to retrieve the vehicle first day you will only pay $1000 if it will take you 5 days you’re going to pay $5000 (real-time, not in-game)
  • Option to store vehicles anywhere (even job garages, it will go straight to the normal garage)


  • Onesync

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