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Map is not included
This resource uses escrow Fivem protection.

Maps, prepared in config:
- Starlite Motel
- Gabz Pinkcage motel

Hotel script can be used at any MLO map but you need to configure doors & positions.


Hotel script that will help your players to have a place to sleep if they don't need a house, our script will let you create multiple hotels with any map that you can get at this time, simply create hotel and rooms - allow per room storages or clothes menu. Each hotel can have two different payment methods - using the billing system or take a player from bank account money directly, you can also set up if a player has multiple invoices that are not paid yet for hotel services he will not have the option to rent another room until he/she will pay their invoices. Each room can have a different price.

There is also an option for police to open the door and open storage if the room is rented.

At default we are using a great map pinkcage motel from Gabz its preset as default, we can help you to get your map working as well. 


- es_extended
- esx_billing

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