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Your server has weapons. Your server has Ammu-Nations. Ammu-nations have shooting ranges. Do your shooting ranges work and serve their purpose? With this resource, your players can hone their shooting skills. **Hard on the training ground, easy on the battle field.** If your police does not have a training ground, they are bound to having it hard on the battle field, in your city streets!

This resource allows your players to practice with their weapons or allows them to borrow them. If your server uses ESX, you can set prices for borrowing weapons, if you do not have ESX (vrp/qbus) it's by-default free but you can implement the cost yourself, if you have an experienced developer on your project.

Best thing is - you can directly see WHERE your shots are landing! Shooting practice has never been better.


  • Supports any framework (ESX/vRP/qbus/your own)
  • Displays exactly where you hit the target
  • You can configure shooting ranges everywhere
  • 3 configurable distances or more
  • Fully translatable to your language
  • Every shooting line can have different weapons
  • Works with ESX greatly and is easy to integrate to any framework

Scripting API

  • server event when you join line
  • server event when you leave line with points
  • isPlayerShooting export to detect if player is shooting
  • Modification for payment options (ESX included)

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