rcore_billing | SOURCE INCLUDED | due date and automatic payment

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Package Description

rcore_billing adds a due date to invoices, which is used to punish people who don't like to pay invoices, and asks why? It's simple, each invoicing is valid after the expiration of this due date, the amount is automatically deducted by percentual value in config from the bank at the given time, and invoices that are already past due are paid from this amount. How much is taken by the user from the bank's amount and when the payment time is fully adjustable in the resource configuration.

- Invoices has due
- replaces esx_billing
- after maturity, it is automatically paid from a predetermined part
- adjustable payment times
- an adjustable amount that is taken from the bank for payment

- OneSync, OneSync infinity
- ESX 1.1
- ESX 1.2

This resource replaces esx_billing and has fully compatibility


- es_extended