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Package Description

WARNING: Your server must be using server artifact 4752 or newer. If you start the resource and see error Bad binary format or syntax error near </1>, it means you are running old version of fivem server. Please update to 4752 or newer.

rcore clothes allow you to create a clothing store anywhere, you can create, for example, a jewellery store or a shoe store or just glasses, the setup is very simple and can be done by almost anyone. Our script uses an HTML UI to make shopping more enjoyable, it comes with two display styles that can be switched by changing the CSS file. Our store also handles addon clothing. Currently, one script is preset in the script, we will be happy to help you set up more of them, the package also includes an English translation and a Czech one.

Have you ever had your players misuse clothing from the store to dress up in a police uniform? If so, our clothing shop has a solution for you, each shop can have a blacklist of all the elements that you do not want users to be able to buy, so, for example, you can erase army planks from the headgear.


- blacklist and whitelist to each component
- creating shop with component
- society payment for example for goverment
- saving your clothes
- buy with cash or card
- change points
- light & dark mode
- locales included en/cs simply to edit


- OneSync, OneSync Infinity

- ESX 1.1
- ESX 1.2


- esx_datastore
- skinchanger
- esx_skin


Dark mode

Payment type selection